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Log Cabin Gallery

Beautiful British-Built Log Cabins from Carr's

We manufacture our log cabins in 28mm, 44mm and 70mm thickness. As well as a number of standard sizes we can manufacture to your exact specification - normally for no extra marginal cost. We supply contemporary cabins with full length toughened glass or more classic design with georgian windows. You choose what type of window and where you want them, where positionally you want your doors and even partition walls. You can also decide what thickness logs to construct with hand what type of roof; single slope (pent) or an apex design, plus which shade of preservative you would like.

Have a look below at our range of log cabins - we have been around for many years and these are just some of the examples we've built and installed.These buildings have become increasingly popular in smaller versions for multi-purpose accommodation in the garden. Primarily for recreational or even residential, these make great Home Offices, Spa Cabins, Guest-rooms, to name a few uses. We also have designed and built them for Tea Rooms, Commercial Offices, Classic car Collections, Children's Play Rooms, Swimming Pool Changing Rooms - in fact, the uses are endless.

We have compiled a most extensive range of standard designs, which provide for most solutions and are available on short delivery times, delivery and construction is of course, totally free. However, to ensure we are able to satisfy everyone, we provide an extremely flexible bespoke-build facility where virtually everything is possible. Please call us on 01268 561450 to discuss your requirements - our portfolio of products extends to summerhouses, garages, holiday lodges, saunas and garden offices.