Frequently Asked Questions

Below you will find a list of the questions that we are asked most often. If you can’t find the answer that you need, please drop us a line or call us on 01268 561450

  • arrow_down Why should I buy a shed, summerhouse or log cabin from Carrs?

    Over the past 40 years, we’ve learnt lots about what makes a great garden building. Our goal is to offer the best value for our customers; and for us that means fantastic quality at the best possible price.

    We manufacture units from scratch and ensure quality throughout the process with solid studwork, recessed joints, screwed together panels. We only use redwood timber and our doors and windows are joiner made. Our joiner made doors are made from triple laminated timbers 

    We know there are cheap sheds available with wafer thin timber, spindly stud work, doors that don't close and dipping roofs- that is not the market we are in. We sell a range of sheds, summerhouses and log cabins from about £350 but overall quality is important to us and we believe we offer outstanding value.

  • arrow_down How do Carr prices and quality compare to those online?

    We know that there’s lots of choice on the internet, so why should you choose a Carr garden building?

    We believe that all our products offer fantastic value for money. We use superior redwood timber and state-of-the-art manufacturing techniques so that you can be sure that, with the right aftercare, your building will last for many years to come.

    • We’ve been around for over 40 years so know a thing or two about great garden buildings!
    • We believe that only the best quality will do, we only offer great products at a great price.
    • We care!  Our friendly team will work with you to make sure you get the right product for you.
    • Our team will deliver and assemble your building. FREE OF CHARGE
    • We only use high quality redwood timber in our buildings as we believe that it gives you a beautiful yet durable building.
    • All our joints are recessed, making every structure strong.
    • We use thicker timber for the framing of all our buildings to help them stand up to the rigour of years of use.
    • All our prices include a high-quality roofing felt as standard,
    • We screw (not nail) all our stud work and panels.  Not only does this make them stronger, it also means that your building can be taken apart and can move home if you do.
    • We don’t expect you to pay for your building until it has been delivered and built (we only ask for a small deposit when you place your order).

    We proudly display our buildings at numerous locations – we encourage you to visit any one of them to see before you buy

  • arrow_down Some companies offer a delivery only service - do you do that?

    The delivery and assembly of our sheds is as important as the shed itself- that’s why we include free delivery with all our products. Your building will be delivered on a Carr vehicle and built by Carr employees who is fully insured and trained in health and safety. 

    We can sell delivery-only product or even kits, but this is mainly on a bulk or wholesale basis.

  • arrow_down I live slightly outside your delivery area but would like to buy one of your units - is that possible?

    Yes, we are happy to deliver within a reasonable distance however this may incur a small charge. Please give us a call on 01268 561450 to discuss. Please note that for larger log cabins and buildings we are happy to travel further.

  • arrow_down Do I need Planning Permission for Log Cabins and Garden Offices?

    It is always best to check with your local planning authority, but best practice as of March 2013 is below - for a link to the Government Planning Portal, see link here. Carr's are not a planning authority, so the below is a general set of guidelines,as opposed to anything definitive, please do check with your local authority if unsure. 

    Outbuildings must not cover more than half the area of land around the "original house".

    You must apply for planning if your building or structure is to be used for running a business or storing commercial goods.

    You must apply for planning for separate self-contained living accommodation and for microwave antennas.

    Garden buildings are not permitted development forward of the principal elevation of your house. This means the house as it was originally built or as it stood on 1 July 1948.

    Buildings or structures that are positioned within 2 metres of your boundary (in England) must not exceed 2.5m in height. We can design your garden office, summerhouse or log cabin to be under 2.5m in height to keep the planners happy!

    Buildings or structures that are positioned more than 2 metres from your boundary must not exceed 3 metres in height, or more than 4 metres high with a ridged roof. (Most of our buildings are under 4 metres in height).

    You must apply for planning permission if your house is listed, you live within a conservation area, a national park or the broads, an area of outstanding natural beauty (A.O.B.) or a world heritage site.  In these areas, the total area of any building (more than 20 metres from the wall of your house) must not exceed 10 sqm.

  • arrow_down What type of roofing material do you use?

    The standard material on our sectional sheds and summerhouses is roofing felt which comes with a one year guarantee. The standard roofing material on our log cabins is EPDM rubber roofing which is glued to the roof boards. Although we buy the best felt available for sheds, we do feel that the EPDM is a fsar superior product as it comes in a single sheet with no joins and is very reilient- we recommend this as an optional upgrade on sectional buildings.

  • arrow_down What access is required to deliver my shed?

    Most of our orders include installation and build. We will deliver and build the shed on the same day by prior appointment with you. Our friendly and helpful customer service team will be in touch with you once your shed has been manufactured to your specifications to arrange a suitable time.

    A clear access route is required from the lorry to the prepared base, with no access restrictions. The sections are often large flat panels which may be as long as the building. Possible restrictions include archways, narrow passages, sharp corners and flights of steps. Access through the house may be possible with advance notice. If required, larger panels can be made in smaller sections, this may incur a small surcharge. Please let us know about any access restrictions that you may have when booking in your delivery date with our team.

  • arrow_down What type of base do I need

    We believe that there is little substitute for a solid, flat, concrete base.

    For sectional buildings the base should be ideally the exactly same size as the unit ordered.

    For 44mm cabins, the base should be the internal cabin size (i.e. the size ordered) +4" or 100mm.

    For 68mm cabins, the base shoudl be the internal cabin size (i.e. the size ordered) +8" or 150mm

    You should always ensure that water is not able to gather under or around the shed or log cabin, all units sit on pressure treated wooden bearers to allow ventilation under the floor, water should not be able to sit in this area.

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