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Bespoke & Commercial


As we take such pride in the manufacture and asssembly of our products we do not anticipate problems with your garden building. In unusual cases, if there may is an issue - we try and get to you as quickly as we can to put things right. We are on hand to advise on the long term care of your building with advice on preservative care. Post sale, we care as much about your shed as you do, it's got our name on it and it has to be right.

Bespoke & Commercial

Carr Garden Buildings are a manufacturer and supplier of quality timber Sheds and Log Cabins in Essex and London. We want you to enjoy your buying experience with us whether you purchase a unit or not - from browsing our range of products and placing your order right through to the delivery of your building, we want you to recommend us. We ship dozens of bespoke hand-made sheds every week successfully but very occasionally problems do occur and you may need to contact our customer services people on Tel: 01268 561450. We have put together some helpful information for you that may help answer your queries or point you in the right direction to resolve any issues you may have.

Location of Your Portable Building

Buyers should conduct their own risk assessment as to the location of their portable building to assess a possible requirement to anchor the portable building. Though there is probably no one method that gives a 100% guarantee against any storm situation, if considered necessary, the Seller recommends ground anchors (sold by companies like Ground Bolt Ltd  Additionally, or as an alternative, anchored steel bonds that go over the shed or cabin may be necessary. These steel bonds are regularly used in beach hut, coastal and vulnerable locations.

Bespoke & Commercial  Bespoke & Commercial

JANUARY 2014 - East Village, London E20

We were contacted and commissioned in late 2013 to erect a large number of our Workmaster Pent Sheds on the former Olympic Park site in an urban area of East London, near to our Wickford base. The high quality, secure and robust units were chosen for the allotment holders' to keep their personal belongings in on site.

These Pent models come with 3" by 2" studwork and are durable and look great, giving more than enough space for potting trays, lawnmowers and all the tools a keen allotment holder requires. Plus it's big enough to provide some respite for a few gardeners to share a cuppa when the weather gets too much.

Workmaster's come with a 69” to 79” (7 feet) roof height and 20mm thick sturdy door and 16" galvanised hinges. Constructed in our own workshops and made from Scandinavian quality redwood, they include an opening vent window in the end or back.

We receive many agricultural and commercial commissions at Carr Garden Buildings, and our strength as manufacturers is that we can do bespoke work on timber buildings. Since we started over forty years ago in Essex, and we have been asked to build many beautiful wooden buildings over the years.

Customers should check before ordering if their building requires planning permission or the building regulation compliance is required for the proposed use of the building. It is the Buyer’s responsibility to ensure that they are not going to use the building provided in a way that will breach Building Regulations. Building Regs are intended to apply to larger, more heavily used buildings than your typical garden shed (such as timber residential or holiday houses, commercial units etc.). Any building installed by the Seller is done so on the understanding that the Buyer does not need to meet Building Regulations.

If you have something in mind and would like to discuss it, please call 01268 561450 or email sales@carrgardenbuildings.co.uk or you can always visit our timber manfacturing site in Essex or one of our display centres around the M25


Bespoke & Commercial

Notes on Planning Permission

All local authorities determine planning differently, please consult your local planning authority if in any doubt. Are you going to put your building to the side or the rear of your house?  Putting an outbuilding in front of the main elevation of your property (as it was originally built or as it was on 1st July 1948) will require Planning Permission.

Do you live in an area which is NOT Designated?  Designated land includes areas of outstanding natural beauty, national parks and the Broads, world heritage sites and conservation areas.

Are you going to put your building in the grounds of a non- listed building?   Listed buildings will have extra restrictions attached.

Will your building be under 4m in overall height and under 2.5m at the eaves?   A Single Pitched Roof must have an eaves height under 2.5m and be no higher than 3m. (Carr buildings will not exceed this height)

Will the area of your garden taken up by Garden Buildings be under 50% of the total space?   Outbuildings and other additions such as extensions cannot exceed 50% of the total land around the original house (as it was first built or as it stood on 1st July 1948). Sheds, Log Cabins, Greenhouses and all other kinds of outbuildings and extensions to the original house must be included when calculating the 50% limit