Bespoke & Wholesale

At Carr Garden Buildings, we believe that you should get exactly what you need from your shed, summerhouse or log cabin.

All our buildings are made to order at our own state-of-the-art factory in Wickford, Essex using the latest CAD designs and CNC machinery.  This means that all our products can be made to any size or design that you require. 

We can make sectional buildings to fit into triangular or irregular spaces in gardens, we can generate a CAD design for you to approve that is then sent directly to our machining line. On our gallery page you can see numerous bespoke units with extra doors, partitions, windows etc. 

 Sheds and Summerhouses

In addition to being able to have any size shed or summerhouse can decide where you want windows and door on any shed or summerhouse.

You can also choose one of our lovely paint colours to make a real feature of your shed or summerhouse (see our Paint Systems page for more details).

If you prefer, you can upgrade from our high-quality roofing felt (fitted as standard) to EPDM rubber roofing.  Please speak to one of our team when ordering your shed or summerhouse about this option.

If you would like to add window boxes to any of our sheds or summerhouses, please speak to the team when ordering your building (see our Accessories page for more details)

 Log Cabins

With our log cabins, you can choose either 44mm or 68mm timber in any dimensions (although we do recommend that you opt for 68mm for any buildings over 20sqm). As we build every cabin to order you can choose where you want windows, doors and internal walls so you can have a layout that works for you. We can offer you a whole range of options including:- 

  • Shingle Roofing Katepal individual shingle roofing tiles, fitted £25 per m2
  • Under Floor Insulation Celotex foil-back thermal PIR insulation, £20 per m2
  • Roofing Insulation Celotex foil-back thermal PIR insulation, £50 per m2
  • Extra Opening Vent Window £95 (per window)
  • Extra Standard Opening Window £95 (per window)
  • Extra Large Standard Window £150 (per window)
  • Double Glazing Installed at £75 (per square metre of frontage)
  • Double Door Upgrade double instead of single door (key, lock & handle as standard) £175
  • Extra Set Double Doors additional double doors (key, lock & handle as standard) £350
  • Single Door additional single, joiner-made door: with key, lock & handle £175
  • Door / window furniture fitted as standard black - for an extra charge of £90 choose brass or chrome

 All our log cabins come with a preservative but you can upgrade to one of our beautiful paint finishes to make a real statement! Take a look at our Paint Systems page for more details or speak to one of our team for advice.

We also offer a range of bespoke accessories such as window boxes and planters – please see the Accessories page for more information or speak to our team about your requirements.

Wholesale Orders Wholesale Orders

Wholesale Orders

We manufacture wholesale orders for housebuilders on new estates or for government and local council projects (like the Olympiuc Park East Village pictured above). 

Please contact us at the factory for more information.